A Worthy Opponent Turn 10: How to Handle a Priest ;)

On Turn 10 of A Worthy Opponent, Autumnsbane and Blacklace discuss their recent trials and tribulations under the new ranking system, the cards they got from Santa and Blacklace’s journey into the Arena.  They discuss Ben Brode’s comments about going first and further discussed the many advantages of the Coin as both a mana source and a card. Blacklace gives some advice on how to be Handle a Priest and Anduin’s nasty habit of Mind Controlling our best minions! Autumsbane tries out a Hunter Deck suggested by a fan and Blacklace reads our first fan email! Blacklace continues to review Hearthstone Apps and a Beta Key is given to a lucky contestant from our drawing, courtesy of a generous fan. Season One of the new ranking system will close with the ending of 2013. We wish you all a Happy New Year and will see you for Season Two in 2014!
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