Beyond the Veil Tier 239: Playing Catch-Up

Welcome to episode 239 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World where, after a bit of a hiatus due to real life commitments, we catch up with what’s been going on with the game. We also introduce a new member of our podcast – Ember. Welcome to the mad house 🙂

As most of you already know, we teamed up with Funcom/Secret World Legends’ Community Team, the amazing Andy & Nicole, to bring you the very first fashion contest in Secret World Legends. Seemed only fitting to be a part of it, being as we held the first ever fashion contest back in The Secret World in 2013. The contest, which of course, had to have something to do with Halloween, was hugely successful, with over 100 participants. The live stream of the event was held on Funcom’s Twitch account and it lasted almost 4 hours. Thank you to Andy and Nicole for teaming up with us to bring this amazing event to life, but most of all, thank you to our fantastic community who responded to it with such zest for fun and laughter. So many creative costumes were on display that day. We also handed out some pretty amazing prizes. Thank you all again for attending and participating! Much love to all!

Halloween event came to a close and the team talks over the event and their thought on how it went and what we may see next year. Then, of course, we have Extra Life 2017 event happening, which has become another huge event in the game, with many players participating in collecting donations for Children’s Miracle Hospital network. Collectively, Secret World Legends players and its community have gathered over 17 000 USD and counting. Well done to all who took part, donated and spread the word about this worthy cause.

We round up the show by talking about the many amazing things that our community has created. For all that and more, make sure you download and listen to the entire episode.

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