Beyond the Veil Tier 238: Interview with Romain Amiel on SWL relaunch

Welcome to episode 238 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World where we chat to one and only Romain Amiel (aka Tilty), Secret World Legend’s Game Director.

We hear his thoughts on the game’s relaunch and what’s coming up next. Of course, our community always has questions for Tilty and we try to ask as many as we possibly can. Some of the topics we discussed are….

Is there a new Lead writter for the game? Has Season 2 been written up yet? Will there be a new ARG for the start of Season 2? Will cabal housing make an entrance? Any new signets? And of course, what will Halloween be like this year, will we get all the event’s content from TSW? Plus tons of other ones!

For all that and more, make sure you download and listen to the entire episode.

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