Tribbles in Ecstasy Episode 267

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 267: The Late Late Show!

After recording the episode a day late, it was then published a week late; Sorry about that but our Captain has been walking to raise money for Cancer Research.

In this episode we start off discussing what we know and think about the information released on Star Trek: Discovery. We then moved on to Star Trek Online (1:01:08), Star Trek Online Consoles (1:57:58), Star Trek Timelines (2:17:56), Convention News (3:08:39), Community Feedback (3:22:51) and more.

Community Questions:

  1. How does the new Endeavor system feel to you? Is it a nice new challenge or do you feel it’s a reason to shore up player numbers?
  2. What’s your take on the Razer Cortex partnership with Cryptic?
  3. With the Discover premier date announced are you eager to find out what the show is all about?
  4. What do you think of update version 2.1 of Timelines?
  5. Should Timelines Fleet Honor rewards be a collectible from in-game mail?
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