Tribbles in Ecstasy Episode 255

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 255: A Quick Breach

We’re back once again to discuss this week’s Star Trek news and in this week’s episode we talk about Star Trek Online PC news, Star Trek Online Console news (1:15:31), Star Trek Timelines (1:17:13), Star Trek Discovery (1:24:42), Conventions (2:12:59), Unofficial Productions (2:18:07), Community Feedback (2:20:06) and more!

Community Questions:

  1. Do you think we’ll get the old style Breach queue back after the event or do you think we’ll be keeping the new style queue?
  2. How much of Star Trek TV & Film have you watched for the 50th anniversary?
  3. How do you handle your Star Trek Timelines crew when you run out of character slots?
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